BaseStation Zero
Sometimes the future isn't like the past.

Vostok/Tesla Aerospace Research & Development

  • Project Porcelain  ζ¹
    Electrogravitic (eGrav) Technology Development.
  • Project Extacy  ζ¹
    eGrav System Used for Future Defensive Weapon Design.
  • Project Dawn  ζ¹
    Fifth-Dimensional Phasing Technology for Temporal Stasis.
  • Project Rain  ζ¹
    Regenerative System Power Source Designs for Future Integration.
  • Project Twince  ζ¹
    Superluminal Scalar Communications Technology for Interstellar Broadcasting.
  • Project Orion  ζ¹
    Autonomous Defense System with Violence Detection and Threat Neutralization Abilities.
  • Project Athena  ζ¹
    Long Range Electronics Override for Target System Interruption Regardless of Shield Types.
  • Project Evenstar  ζ¹
    Weather Modification via Electrostatic and Global Magnetic Field Manipulation.
  • Project Rheya  ζ¹
    Instantaneous Matter-to-Energy Conversion, with Energy Storage Capabilities.
  • Project Quorra  ζ¹
    eGrav Storage Energy Burst with Matter-to-Energy Conversion Rates 144x Higher than Project Vanya.
  • Project Akira  φ
    Classified: This project is currently unstable.
  • Project Wanjina  φ
    Classified: This project is currently unstable.
  • Project Williams  φ
    Classified: This project is currently unstable.
  • Project 239000  φ
    Classified: This project is currently unstable.


"We already have the means to travel among the stars,
but these technologies are so locked up in black projects
it would take an act of god to ever get them out to benefit humanity.

Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

-Ben Rich, Former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

For one priceless moment
in the whole history of man,
all the people on this Earth
are truly one...

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